An initiative by StreamComputing.


The porting has started with a big team of 25 people, of which some are experienced openCL devs or are from the original GEGL team. Below is the agenda.

Over the course of the first four weeks, we'll be working on four different operations as a group. Each operation focuses on a different conceptual problem, which the group will learn to work around. After every operation is completed, the group will come together to compare their benchmarks and discuss different optimizations for different devices, and thus coming to an agreed upon kernel for the respective devices. The four operations selected are:

After the first four weeks, the group will be free to select the operation that they want to work on next, though they must decide and work on the next operation together.

Vincent Hindriksen (CEO StreamComputing)
Adel Johar (GEGL-OpenCL project leader)

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