GEGL – OpenCL in Gimp

The Generic Graphics Library (GEGL) is best known as the backend for image processing software Gimp.

GEGL is a graph based image processing framework that allows users to chain together image processing operations represented by nodes into a graph. It provides operations for loading and storing images, adjusting colors, filtering in different ways, transforming and compositing images.

GEGL-OpenCL is an educational initiative that aims to get more developers to study and use OpenCL in their projects.

Follow the examples

The below examples are meant to how you how to do a port. Here are the commits, so you see what changed:

Together with the Readme on Github, this should help you get started.


  • Adel Johar (StreamHPC): setup of framework
  • Anton Gorenko (StreamHPC): noise-hsv, gaussian-blur-selective, motion-blur-linear, diffraction-patterns