The GEGL-OpenCL has been restarted today!

With StreamHPC’s Anton porting 4 kernels to OpenCL we’ve restarted the GEGL porting project! Only 64 filters to go.

We’re happy this initiative has been restarted, as it did not get off the ground last year. Biggest change is that it’s now fully a community project and labeled “’s GEGL Port”

We’ll be doing our best to celebrate the work of each individual member by naming all contributors on the project page.

Follow the examples

The project’s gives an overview on how to get started, but does not show how to do the OpenCL-part.

The four ported filters are noise-hsv, gaussian-blur-selective, motion-blur-circular,  and diffraction-patterns. These are meant as examples on how to do port to OpenCL. Here are the commits, so you see what changed:

Let’s do your own port

Have you read the project’s and understood from the above examples how to do such port? Let’s get started then.

All to-be-ported filters are on the issue-list. If you want to keep it easy at start, you can first choose to pick or a simple example or one that is similar to the above examples. There is always help on the Slack-chat! Also when you’re new to this Github-thing.

After you did a port yourself, submitted it on Github and got an accepted PR, then you can add your name to the list of contributors together with the filter(s) you ported. Then it’s just time for GEGL-maintainers to do their own tests and merge with the main repository.

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