Hello world!

It’s 12 April. This website has now officially been launched! We hope you like what is offered and help the community improve the most important problems of OpenCL:

  • Lack of convenience code, resulting in many, many wrappers and libraries that are incompatible with each other.
  • Lack of projects to practise OpenCL.
  • Lack of overview on what’s available, like tools, boards and drivers.

This website has several sections. Most contain information taken from the StreamComputing website and therefore could be familiar for who still knows that website’s developer-section. If you encounter an empty page, it will be added over the coming time.

One section I’d like to discuss specifically, as it is very important for what this website stands for.


The most important part of this website are the projects.

One of the projects is OpenCL.org website itself.  Each page is editable on Github, so you can send your pull request to make changes. The other projects are alike. As of today we have the GEGL porting project (restart) and the developer manual. There is more to come – watch the social media channels as mentioned at the end of this post.

Porting GEGL to OpenCL we started before, but while it was a community effort, StreamComputing got the credits. Now it will be the actual developers who get the credits.

The Developer Manual now is equal to the OpenCL specifications, but in about a year will be a practical place to learn how OpenCL functions can be used.


Do you want your project to be part of OpenCL.org? Just like StreamComputing you can donate material (text and code) to the community. You will be mentioned as beneficiary.

If you’d like to financially support this initiative, get in contact with StreamComputing – email and phone are further below.

What’s coming up?

In the beginning we (StreamComputing) will mostly steer where it is going to prevent anarchy. If you want us to hear your say,  get in contact on LinkedIn, Twitter or Github.

I’m personally very happy that this finally happens and I’m looking forward for a fruitful period of an organised OpenCL community.

Kind regards,

Vincent Hindriksen

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